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Website designing is NOT something I do "professionally", it is just something I do on the side for fun.  If you want to see what I do for my profession please take a look at my website below,  

If you would like for me to design a site for you, I do charge a fee though, just because it does take many hours, and I have been told that for an "non-professional", my websites are not too shabby!   I hear that "professional" web designers can charge in the ball park of $20,000 + for a website!   so compared to that I think I am offering a very good deal.  Here is my rate:

The Basic Website:
1 home page + 4 pages      $500
Updates/Maintenance up to 5 pages:      $50

For more involved sites where you would like video, music, online stores please talk to me about it.

Once I have the site designed for you, I can help you get set up so that you will be able to make changes and update your site from your own home computer.  Or, if you want me to help with regular upkeep and updating I can do that for you also.

Website photography:  I have taken alot of the photos on each of the websites below, so if you need images, please talk to me about it.



email:     tel:  617-775-4848

contact:  Leda Elliott