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Advanced Sword
Created by the Chinese Physical Culture and Sports Commission, the Advanced Sword form is a compulsory part of all Wushu competitions. The author has meticulously researched and analyzed each individual movement and developed concise explanations that assist the trainee in self study. The clarity of the explanations make this a unique text in Wushu literature.
  • Book 160 pages, 330 photos: $15
    Basic Broadsword
    This official form of the Chinese Physical Culture and Sports Commission incorporates the most basic and important broadsword techniques. Its step by step presentation makes it a fundamental text in the study of weaponry.
  • Book 96 pages, 190 photos: $15
  • Combined Internal Chuan: Tai Chi - Pa Kua - Hsing Yi - Chi Kung
    Combined Internal Chuan links Tai Chi's sit step in Hands Strum the Lute" to Pa Kua's, single palm change". Pa Kua's Point step is linked to Hsing Yi Tiger. Hsing Yi is finally linked to Chi Kung. This form stresses the essential characteristics of each of these movements. It provides a unique challenge to the practitioner of the internal arts. An extensive techniques section is included with both hand techniques and steps.
  • Book 55 pages: $15    
    Combined Tai Chi Chuan
    Combined Tai Chi Chuan was created by the Chinese National Athletic Commission in 1958. It represents the collective efforts of many great Masters from the various styles of Tai Chi. It was also an attempt to create a standardized form for competition. In 1975, Master Mark became the first to publish a detailed text in Chinese and later in English (1979). It has received high praise from Tai Chi practitioners throughout the world.
  • Book 336 pages, 600 photos: $15 
    Rooting Pine Exercises: Essence of Tai Chi Chi Kung
    These exercises are the result of a few decades of research and development by Master Mark. They contain the essence of Tai Chi, the Five Elements, White Crane Stance work, the Eight Pieces of Silk and Chi Kung. These simple movements be learned quickly and practiced anywhere.
  • Book 55 pages, 600 photos:  $15  (email for special order request)
    Tai Chi Beginning
    In our modern, information based society, there are many choices for exercise. Ideally, exercise takes little time, expends little energy, has health benefits, and is safe and relaxing like an enjoyable hobby. This 32 step form was developed to meet the needs of people in today's fast-paced society. Designed for beginners, it is short and simple to learn. For the advanced student, it is an excellent form to work on basics. The form focuses on the the characteristics and requirements of Tai Chi and basic techniques.
  • Book 44 pages, 80+ photos: $15   
  • Taichi Monkey-Turtle Exercise
    A person's good health and longevity are highly related to a flexible body, limbs, waist and back, and a relaxed spirit. This has proven to have profound effects in correcting shoulder, knee and back problems. However, many professionals do not have enough time to exercise. Because of this common problem, the author set out to create a very short, simple, comprehensive exercise form. Students have indicated their appreciation for this form because of the quick results it brings and the great enjoyment of its practice. This exercise imitates both the physical and spiritual essence of two animals- the liveliness of the monkey's long and flexible limbs and the calm of the turtle's slow, deep breathing, distilled through the foundation of Tai Chi.
  • Book: $15 (email for special order request)
  • Taste of Tai Chi Two Person Form
    The Two Person form is an extension of Taste of Tai Chi. Two persons practicing together can increase the interest. It helps the partners understand application of the movements and thus increases the benefits of practice. This form coordinates with all of the movements of Taste of Tai Chi.
  • Book: $15 
  • Taste of Taichi
    This twelve movement form is easy to learn and remember for beginners. For the advanced student, it is helpful in learning to focus energy and research the requirements and characteristics of Tai Chi movements. The focus is on the quality of the movements, not the quantity.
  • Book 52 pages, 150+ photos:  $15   
  • Wushu Basic Training
    This is the first major work in English on traditional Chinese Wushu basic training. It presents a complete, systematic training program that will enhance the abilities of every martial artist. Only with a solid foundation can one develop martial arts skills quickly. This second edition has been updated for the 90's.
  • Book 180 pages, 200 photos: $20       

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