What is Wushu?

The direct meaning of “wushu” is “war art”. It is the chinese word for martial art. There are so many styles of Wushu that it would take several life times to master all of them.

To start with, there are two types of wushu, internal and external. With internal wushu styles, the student learns to control the body from the inside and learns to develop power through controling the internal organs and flow of energy. Internal wushu allows one to cultivate energy and is a beneficial exercise form for adults. With external wushu, the student learns to train and condition the external parts of the body such as the muscles and skin to develop maximum power. External wushu is more for children since it expends a lot of energy, but is still a fun exercise form for those adults (who are kids at heart) who would like to develop external power.

What is Kung Fu?

“Kung fu” means “time and energy”. Anyone who puts time and energy into a specific task will get very good at it. Therefore if one has good kung fu, then your wushu will be very good.



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