Master Classes & Seminars

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1.  Companies, Health Clubs, Spas, Retreat Centers

2Retirement/Rehabilitation Centers, Non Profit Organizations, Senior Facilities

3.  Universities, and Dance Companies


Flexibility and Conditioning: 
The Training Methods of Wushu, Chinese Acrobatics, Yoga and Dance

Fundamentals of Wushu Training
Basic training methods of wushu which cultivate grace, speed and flexibility.

Refreshing Stillness
Meditation and relaxation methods from Chinese Chi gong for relaxation and better energy flow

Tai Chió32 Steps of Tai Chi: 
A beginners Introduction to Tai Chi

Tai Chi for Seniors

Tai Chi Presentation and Performance
This one hour program includes a 15 minute presentation to discuss the history,
and health benefits of Tai Chi,  and a 20 minute experiential component
where participants experience a taste of Tai Chi through a series of simple exercises.
The hour will conclude with an award winning performance by Leda of the various styles of Tai Chi. 

To arrange a seminar for your institution, please contact Leda.


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