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Creative works by Leda
Leda's choreographies and performances blend traditional Wushu movements
with that of expressive dance movements creating a seem less hybrid of martial arts and dance.
Be it tango, salsa, flamenco, ballet or modern dance,
Leda weaves together a tapestry of movement and artistry that leaves audiences inspired with the spirit of creative movement.
Her unique sense of art and high level of creativity constantly draws large audiences and sold out shows.

October 2001 "Butterfly" at the Dance Complex
A full length production directed by Leda, which showcased
a series of choreographies by Leda and tango instructor Sharna Fabiano.
August 2002 "DreamCatcher"  at the Boston Center for the Arts
A full length production which blended aspects of wushu, tango, dance, opera, piano and theater,
directed by Leda and written by her sister Bonnie Elliott


Some sample works:

"The heart struggles to explore what it truly desires"...
A female gypsy's quest for life and love depicted through movements 
that combine Latin dance choreography and  wushu straight sword.
The Warrior's Shadow:

  "The toughest enemy is often times the self"...
Traditional tai-chi movements are combined with modern dance movements
to create a distorted hybrid to express a warrior's struggles with the demon within.
The Eternal Circle:

 "The circular energies of life come together"...
The long flowing sleeves of Beijing Opera costuming is utilized 
to express the ethereal combination of the circular movements of BaGua and the coiling movements of modern dance.
The Awakening:

  "Awakening the illusion of reality from the world within"...
Wushu Staff techniques, modern dance and acrobatics are combined to create an energetic and exciting piece.

"The chase and the embrace"...
A romantic and playful dance of a man and a butterfly created from Argentine tango and Tai Chi double fans.


Leda is always interested in collaborating with artists of varying genres.

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