Private Training
      and Physical Restoration
Work with Leda to attain your fitness or Tai Chi training goals…

Physical Restoration

The method Leda employs to train her students consists of layers of knowledge unique to her experience which includes years of Chinese martial arts, yoga and ballet training combined with her own research into body mechanics.  Struggling for years with her own physical injuries, Leda researched and created an approach to exercise that cultivates energy and health to endow the body with the strength necessary to heal and restore itself.
The term used to describe her unique method, “physical restoration”, was actually suggested by one of Leda’s students during one of his private training sessions. Leda asked him how he would describe her method and he answered, enthusiastically, that is was “physical restoration.” He further commented about Leda: “She teaches me to become aware of my body, to deal with bad habits and old injuries and to help restore my body back to what it was at youth.” 

Leda works with students of varying levels to encourage a balanced approach to health by addressing old injuries to stimulate healing, to delineate and unravel bad habits and walk forward with a healthier and stronger body. Physical restoration will awaken the dormant but very much alive healthier self that you were not even aware existed!
Private Training ----Who is it for?
The short and simple answer is this: anybody who is interested in improving health and tapping into the nascent strength and energy in your body.

Whether you are a 90 year-old recovering from recent hip replacement surgery, an avid athlete looking for a challenge, a mathematician looking to uncover the hidden formula for balance in taichi or somebody simply interested in getting back in touch with your body, Leda will be able to design a program suited to your every need.

All she requires is your full commitment and interest.


Why Private Training?
Allowing yourself the time to focus solely on developing and strengthening your body to restore energy and health----could there be anything better?

By selecting to train privately, you will receive:
  • personalized attention to your needs
  • feedback specific to your needs
  • training designed to enhance your individual goal

Remember that health in body, mind and spirit is the foundation from which all things become possible.


Private Training may be scheduled in either of the two locations:
In Boston

Bow Sim Marks Tai Chi Arts Association:  130 Lincoln St. Boston, MA 02111
In Lynn:
Leda's Studio: 23 Grosvenor Park, Lynn MA 01902


10 classes/ $765  (save$85!)

Any other sites :  such as your home/ office         $100/hr    

Please call: 617-775-4848   or email:  to schedule

within 48 hours:  no charge
within 24 hours:  full fee will be charge


Mutual Respect

My reasons for reinforcing this policy is to
emphasize the importance for mutual respect in our relationship as teacher and student.  I am committed to teaching you to the fullest capacity during our time together and unless I am sick or in a true emergency, I will not cancel my appointment without giving you enough notice. I expect the same from you.

Thank you.









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