Performances in Dance/Wushu/Theater


1997          MIT Boston Choreographers Showcase, Leaping Bounds
                    Choreographed and Performed in “Querer”, a combination of Wushu Straight Sword and Argentine Tango

1999         BCA Summer Artist in Residency Program
Co-created “Bridge” a combination of modern dance and Tai Chi Fan/Sleeves with Christine Bennett

2000         Shanghai World Wushu Festival
Performed with The CWRI performance team in Wang Jhou Jin for China National Television

                    BCA City Sound Program
                    Organized and performed in Wushu Theater 90 minute production with the CWRI performance team.

2001       Bennett Dance Company: participated in several performances of “Bridge” through the 2001 year with the company

  Choreographed, directed and performed in “Butterfly”, a fusion of Tai Chi, Argentine Tango and Dance.  Dance Complex    (11/01).

2002    Co-Choreographed and performed with Behind the Mask Theater in a production of  “The Monkey King
         Performed at the Black Bird House and The Puppet Show Place Theater.

                Directed, choreographed "DreamCatcher" a full length production with blended wushu, tango, dance, opera, piano and theater. 
        (8/02) Boston Center for the Arts


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