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Flexibility & Conditioning:  All Levels DVD

This DVD is Part A of the All Levels Flexibility & Conditioning Series.  Footage contained is from a two hour All Levels class held at the Boston Center for the Arts Studio in March 2005.  In addition to Leda this DVD features her students Marcia, Mary, Melina, Maureen and Irina.

DVD Features: 

  • Uninterrupted viewing of a 60 minute All Levels Class from warm up to relaxation.

  • Access to chapters provides viewers with the freedom to skip through or select particular sections from class for focused workout.

Price: $15 

Edited and filmed by Abaigeal Duda (Leda's student)
Please note that this DVD is NOT professional quality.  It is intended for use as a supplement to your class training.


World Tai Chi Day DVD

19 scenes included in the DVD:

32 steps of taichi, Long tassle sword,  Single Fan Exercises, Fan like Sword, Essentials of Combined Tai Chi, Tong Bei,  Broad Sword,  Double Sword,  Taste of Tai Chi,  Tai Chi Sword,  Advanced Sword, Essence of Tai Chi, Double Fan,  Long Sword, Spear, Leung Yi, Long Sleeves, Cultivation of Tai Chi

Price:  $10

Please note though, the DVD is NOT of professional quality, it is home made by me.  The footage is taken from one single video recorder that was placed stationary during the event, so there are several times performers are cut off from the screen as they move towards either side of the gymnasium. But, the footage is good enough ,I think, for good memory keepsake of the 2005 WTCD.




Martial Arts Mania includes 3 DVDs -

If anyone knows how I got on the cover of this please let me know..  it's really bizarre that I am on such a undercover 70s collection.  I would like to find out how this happened...

The Eight Escorts
Wu Chin Ping is hired to deliver a box of beautiful and precious stones to the county of Wuiyang. In preparation for his journey, Wu gathers a group of skilled and experienced martial artists to escort him and the valuables. Unbeknownst to the courageous warriors and Wu himself, obstacles and challenges will confront them along the way, even a masked adversary who will test their abilities to the limits. Yet, in their darkest hour, Wu discovers a terrible secret that will change him forever!

The Hell's Wind Staff
Mayhem occurs when two michievous local boys discover a hidden plot to sell their fellow townsmen as slave labor. While trying to uncover and even foil the illegal trading ring, trouble falls upon them as one of the boys lose their father and kung fu instructor to the infamous Hell's Wind Staff. Not only is he the most feared fighter in all of southern China, but the leader of the whole trading operation. With revenge on their minds, the boys will do everything they can to stop this evil master of kung fu!

Shaolin Ex-Monk
For many years the Shaolin Monastery has been recognized for it's courageous fighters and their superior martial arts skills. But when a renegade monk uses the secret skills of Shaolin for evil, it sparks a large manhunt north of the Yangtze River and puts the reputation of Shaolin on the line. When a young orphan nicknamed "Small Mud Fish" and his Kung Fu Master Ling Chu-Fei who is an expert of the "Seven Immovable Limbs" technique becomes involved, fates are crossed and martial arts pandemonium occurs!



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All DVDs are homemade with TLC!



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