The Argentine Tango
as Leda's hobby


I started the Argentine tango in 1999 after seeing the show Forever Tango.  Because of my training in ballet and wushu which places tremendous focus on lines, I was immediately impressed with the lines and the flow of energy two people were sharing while dancing the argentine tango, and wanted to start learning this beautiful dance right away.

I started by picking up a flyer at the show, and went to take my first class with my then boyfriend/now husband at the Dance Complex.  Since then, I have continued to take seminars and classes from master instructors from Argentina, and local instructors and have thoroughly enjoyed the process of learning the secrets behind this romantic dance.

Currently, with the help of a local instructor Abaigael Duda, I am learning the leaders side of the tango.  It is definitely giving me a more complete perspective of the dance, and also inspiration for my future creative works.




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