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  Wushu & Dance

Born in Tokyo Japan, with a Japanese mother and Irish-American father, Leda grew up in both the United States and Japan.  She has a very unique background consisting of extensive studies, performances and competitions in dance and Chinese Wushu (martial arts). 

  Leda received her dance training at The Ballet Arts of Carnegie Hall in Japan, studying under Aiko Ohtaki one of the first females to teach ballet in Japan,  and at The Walnut Hill School of Performing Arts in Wellesley, MA from the age of 3 until 17.

 Soon after coming to the United States in 1986 to attend Boston University to study psychology and physiology, she started her modern wushu training and in 1996 began what she considers her traditional wudang taichi training under Master Bow Sim Mark.  

 Although her main focus in her studies and teaching of wushu is primarily for health and personal growth now, she also has extensive experience in the performance and competitive aspects of wushu.  She has  participated in several National and Regional US tournaments receiving various medals for her performance abilities.  She participated in the 2000 World Wushu Festival in Shanghai and received honors for The Best Demonstration in Women's Traditional Tai Chi, and Women's Traditional Weapons. 

 Performing and creating has always been an important aspect of life for Leda.  She has collaborated with the Boston based Bennett Dance Company and has appeared in numerous performances in Boston and New York since 1998 with them and has also worked with BehindtheMask Theater, a Cambridge based theatrical performance group.  In May 2000, Leda joined the Chinese Wushu Research Institute performance team and performed Wushu Theater for a national television production in Shanghai.  In Boston,  Leda has also choreographed, directed, and performed in a dance/martial arts/tango production “Butterfly” (11/01) in Cambridge, and  "DreamCatcher" a full length production which blended wushu, tango, dance, theater, opera and piano at the Boston Center for the Arts (8/02).  Her unique sense of art and high level of creativity constantly draws large audiences and sold out shows.

In Boston,  Leda teaches private and group lessons on Wednesday at Bow Sim Marks Tai Chi Arts Association, 130 Lincoln St, Boston.  Please see her class schedule for a complete description.

In the Diamond District of Lynn, she has a small but peaceful studio right along the ocean, where she offers homeopathic consultation and private training. 


Since early 2003, Leda has been studying homeopathy under the world re-known homeopath Louis Klein.  She hopes to add this holistic method of healing as one part of her services to help her students, friends and family.  At this time, she in enrolled in the Masters Clinicians Program with the Luminos School of Homeopathy and is taking on patients as her case study in her training program.

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