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Ledas Homeopathic Studies

Phase I:  Moonboots

In 2000, my cat Moonboots became very ill. 

The horrible down hill spiral of his health happened after I had taken him to the Boston Cat Hospital for a routine check up.  I was told that I needed to leave him for the day for them to do some dental work on him.  To my dismay, when I returned that afternoon to pick him up, he was foaming blood at the mouth and was looking delirious.  I was told that they needed to pull out 6 teeth because of bad decay.... but to my shock, when I returned home to clean out his mouth, I found that he had no teeth left. They had pulled out all his teeth!  From that day, Moonboots' health deteriorated.  He lost his appetite, started losing his balance, and eventually could not walk.  I took him to Angel Memorial hospital after 10 days of seeing him deteriorate, and upon taking an xray, mri, and a spinal tap ( and 1 $1600 bill!!!), was told that they really did not know what was wrong, and that they saw that he appears to have an enlarged heart and they recommended he go on medication.

He was a perfectly healthy cat until he had all his teeth pulled, and to be told "he appears to have an enlarged heart", and changing the direction of what the problem was made me furious.  At that point, I frantically looked online for a holistic method of healing for animals, and came across Dr. Jeff Levy, a veterinary homeopath,.

My first appointment with Dr. Jeff was a three hour phone conversation.  He spent time asking me questions about Moonboots history, personality, disposition ...  pretty much everything I can think of about him.  Then he told me he needed to spend some time to figure out what remedy he needed, and that he would contact me.  In a day, Dr. Jeff called me back and said that he needed a remedy called Gelsemium ( yellow orchid).  He mailed it to me, I gave it to Moonboots, and his health surely started to slowly improve.  I was absolutely amazed at how healthy Moonboots became!

I still to this day have never met Dr. Jeff in person, but he has been a life saver for Moonboots, and my 3 other cats over and over again over the years.  I have only spoken with him over the phone.  Since 2000 I have solely relied on Dr. Jeff for the treatment of any ailment my cats.  And each time Moonboots would get sick and then get a remedy from Dr. Jeff, he would look at me with his big eyes and say "for gods sake, when are you going to start studying homeopathy!  this is really amazing stuff!!, and how many times do I have to get sick so you can see the effect of this medicine!"...

That was my first introduction to homeopathy, and needless to say, the reason why I started studying homeopathy.

Since then, I personally have been treated homeopathically for my health issues, along with my entire family. I've been going to see a wonderful homeopath in Concord, MA - Savitri Clarke.  She has helped find a remedy for me that has helped tremendously for a horrible paralyzing back pain, along with all my chronic issues such as allergies. Having gone through homeopathic treatment for my own chronic and acute problems, I have a better understanding on how the physical and mental plane of a person work together.


Phase II.  - Luminos Foundation Course and Louis Klein

In 2000, I started an online foundation course in homeopathy created by world reknown homeopath Lou Klein. I finished the course, and found myself completely intrigued and engrossed in learning more about homeopathy.  With the recommendation of Lou, I enrolled myself next in the three year Masters Clinicians Course, taught by Lou Klein himself.

Once immersed in this 3 year program, I found myself amongst students who had been practicing homeopathy fro over 25 years!  The more I studied with lou, the more I wanted to learn everything there was to do about homeopathy.

Phase III - NY School of Homeopathy

While the 3 year Master Clinician Course brought me to a higher level of homeopathy quite quickly. I felt I needed more of a basic knowledge. Something that bridged that gap between the foundation course and the three year program.  So after some research, and speaking with the directors of a few schools, I decided to enroll in the NY School of Homeopathy to study some basics with Susan Sonz in 2005. 

2008-Currently while I focus most of my energy on raising my daugther ( who is still one), I am seeing people who are referred to me through friends and family at my home.   Please call or email me if you wanted to set a time to meet.


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