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Fee Structure and the homeopathic process


The initial consultation: $85

Leda will conduct a very detailed interview addressing all major and minor symptoms of mental, emotional, and physical planes, which typically take 60-90 minutes, based on individual differences. 

Depending on the complexity of the case, Leda will take from one day up to a week to research a remedy specifically for you.  After the remedy has been selected, you may order your remedy from a homeopathic pharmacy of your choice, or have Leda order it.  Leda can then mail you the remedy, or you can arrange to pick it up yourself.

If the remedy is correct, there is improvement on many different levels.  If the remedy given is incorrect, essentially nothing at all happens — the patient is neither worse nor better as a whole even despite minor changes.  In that case, another remedy is selected.  Progress is then monitored at six –eight weekly intervals or longer as needed

Progress Report:

During the six-eight week period after taking the remedy, it is a good idea to keep a general note on any changes (emotional/physical) that you experience.  If at any point you have a concern or question, please email Leda during this period.

Follow up meeting:  $65

The follow up interviews are not as long as the initial interview. 

After a six-eight week period, it is recommended to set up follow up appointments to discuss the general progress.  At this time it will be decided whether a different potency of the selected remedy may be needed, or if a different remedy needs to be selected.

Final Note:

The road to health is never completely linear nor is it a quick fix.  In most cases people will need a few different remedies, but in a few cases (those who are lucky), one remedy can restore complete balance.   In the process of getting healthy, you will learn the intricacies of how your mind, emotion and physical body are inter-connected, and how to better listen and take care of yourself when the vital force is off balance.

I look forward to working with you to regain your health…….