The Physical Restoration Program
Physical Training Methods of Wushu, Yoga, Pilates and Dance


After years  of research in training methods of Chinese acrobatics, dance, yoga, pilates and wushu.
 Leda brings together in this course the fundamental training methods behind all of these ancient and modern health disciplines. 
 These courses will provide athletes, dancers, martial artists, gymnasts and others, including couch potatoes,
 with exercises to restore health and provide the body with more flexibility and strength.


Regular Classes

All Levels:  
In this class, you will learn the basic exercises to strengthen and align the upper and lower body.
 You will also be introduced to exercises to stabilize and strengthen your core/center, hips and shoulders 
The class will focus greatly on alignment, and how to utilize the various exercises for your own physical restoration.  It is recommended that you take 1-2 six week courses to gain a full understanding mentally and physically of what correct alignment is in this method of training.  Even if you are of intermediate level, this class is a good way to solidify your foundation in physical restoration methods.

You must have taken at least one 8 week training session with Leda to take this class.  The class will move at a pace where you are expected to already understand the alignment for each exercises.  Longer duration for stance and posture training to enhance control and strength, as higher intensity, speed, and frequency will be expected in the various sequences and routines.

You must have taken at least six 8 week intermediate training session with Leda to take this class.  In this class, you will begin to incorporate the various exercises into more fluid movement, requiring more balance, precision and control.  This c lass is recommended for those who wish for professional training in performance or teaching.


Anatomy and Exercise Workshop Series: 
These workshops are for students of all levels.  The workshops are designed to help you better understand and manage specific areas of the body and any past injuries held in those areas, and restore strength and vitality in those areas.

Developing your core & Restoring your hips:  (2hrs)
This workshop is a very concentrated and specific workshop. The class will focus on the development of the various muscle groups which compose the "core", and then target the various muscles and joints which help with the stabilization/mobilization of the hips.  Intense stretching, and muscle release techniques of tight hips may be introduced also.  This class is crucial to those with weak/tight hips, injuries to the groin, and other hip problems

Understanding your core:  (1hr)
This class is specifically dedicated to understanding and working with the various muscle groups which compose the core: all areas between and under the shoulder and between and above the hips.  This class is crucial to for all who are serious about physical training, and movement.

Balance & Coordination:  The Application of Physical Training into movement (1hr)
In this two part class, in the first half hour you will  be introduced to some fun and challenging exercises for both brain and body.  Most of the exercises are based in wushu, and help align your mind/spirit with your body.  The second part of the class will teach you how to apply the exercises you have learned in the flexibility and conditioning classes into intermediate movement training methods.

Restoring/Correcting Hip and Shoulder Alignment (1hr)
Have you ever felt quite not aligned?  well, you probably were right!.  Just from bad everyday habits , the body slowly will get shaped out of alignment, and even worse if you have had an injury.  It is very easy to get out of balance, and much harder to find your way back to alignment.  This class will show you tools on how to level, straighten, unwind, and open up the hips and shoulders so that the body will be given the space and strength needed to be put itself back in place.

Total Body Sequence Training (1hr)
In this class, exercises from the all levels flexibility and conditioning class will be reintroduced and  combined into short and medium length sequences.  Sequence training develops the cardiovascular system and is beneficial to creating better energy flow and circulation in the body.

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