Family Wushu/
Exercise Class

1/27th 90 minute class

time: 11:00-12:30 Sundays
cost: $ 25 per parent and child $40 $15 per extra sibling

February- march 
8 week session

2/3rd - 3/31st. * no class 2/17th
Sundays from 11:00-12:00
fee: $160 for 8 weeks. 
($80 per additional sibling)

The class will consist of: jump training using jump rope, basic conditioning and stretching, wushu basic technique, empty hand and weapon form. 

In this series, the class will learn basics of wushu double spear, and begin a new empty hand form in addition to reviewing past forms

All classes at 130 Lincoln St.

Leda Elliott


Please email Leda or call 617.775.4848 to reserve your spot in class!

All classes held at 120 Lincoln St. Boston (South Station).

Tuition Policy :
Tuition is due the first day of your class, and there will be no refunds for missing class. 
Please also note that there are no more drop in rates. 
If you would like to bring a guest, the fee is $20.

(see the family wushu photo gallery)